Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing
  • Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing
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Sheet music in intermediate level, appropriate for either instrumental solo or accompanying singers. I included an option with a Celtic flavor, and some optional endings. I'd start with the singalong version (which also makes a great shorter piano solo), and then move to the longer solo which incorporates the "sing-along version" as one verse, then moves to jazzier chords for a 2nd verse. It's intended to be able to be memorized, so would be ideal for recitals / competitions, etc. I also included a "smaller hands" version of the shorter solo (which also works for sing-alongs), so that those who can't comfortably reach an octave can enjoy this. I hope to put up some YouTube videos soon, including how I use this "singalong version" to teach using lead sheets. The longer piano solo version does NOT have the lyrics, while the included shorter versions DO. Also scroll down on this page... the next item should be a FREE download of the SATB (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, & Bass) parts, which is in the Public Domain. This is the version that is in most hymnals, though I've put it in a slightly lower key, making it easier to both sing (for most people) and easier to play on piano.

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