Gifts for Music Lovers

These gifts are great to encourage the music lovers in your life! I start with some smaller and more inexpensive ideas, but if you'll scroll down you'll see some sections (jewelry, clothes, etc). If you're looking for books of music, see my page "Music Recommendations".  There ARE some books on THIS page, but not books with actual music in them.  On these gifts, I look for a blend of value and good ratings. Getting to Amazon through my links costs you no more, and I get a little commission from Amazon (but it's really encouraging to our family, and adds up after awhile). And even if you end up finding another item that you like, I still get some credit, because you got to Amazon through me. It's anonymous, so I can't thank you personally, but THANK YOU for encouraging me, my family, and encouraging the music lover in your life! The prices do NOT automatically update, but they'll give you a pretty close estimate.

Great for getting music to piano lessons, but I love totes for getting things around when going to Starbucks or the library, when traveling, etc.


These would be great for ANY book being read by a music lover, to keep their place. But they'd also be great for marking songs they're working on. Too much practice time and lesson time is wasted just trying to find songs!

Extra great if you have multiple pianists - each can choose their own color, and mark music they're working on. Saves lots of time when practicing and in piano lessons, and looks fun, too!

I have tried LOTS of headphones, and for this price range, these are by FAR the family favorite! The earbud type make my ears hurt after awhile, and the heaviness of "quality" headphones tires me after awhile. These have very decent sound, and are so lightweight, but they've lasted very well for us. I keep a pair in the glovebox, a few pairs in the house, in my laptop case, etc. I listed the black ones, but they have several fun colors, too.

A music dictionary is a MUST for every musician that's through the basics! This would be a great "graduation gift" for someone that's just finished my Foundations book :-)  If my students get one of these, make sure to tell me - I'll incorporate it into our lessons! This is so handy that I have an actual copy AND I have it on Kindle (which is really only helpful AFTER you know what to look for by looking through the actual book). Maybe put a copy of this and some of my favorite mechanical pencils into one of the music tote bags (see the pencils and tote bags elsewhere on this gift list).

One of my favorite albums I play in the background while I'm studying! Lush orchestration, gorgeous lyrical trumpet. This is the album where I fell in love with the opera tune Nessun Dorma! The version shown here is the CD, but you can also download the MP3 album for $10, if you use Amazon Music. If you have Amazon Music Unlimited (like I use - click here for a free trial), then you can download it for free :-)

This is instrumental only - this is one of my absolute favorite albums for studying, cleaning, etc. I'm posting the CD version, but you can download the MP3 album for about the same amount. And if you have Amazon Music Unlimited (about $7/mo) like I have, you can download the album for FREE :-)

Gift cards are great, because your music lover can get music stuff, or actual music or whatever!

Great for getting music books to lessons, but I also love totes for going to Starbucks, the library, etc.