Piano Lessons

Scheduling & Tuition 

I teach in my students' homes, freeing up their schedules. This is a particularly helpful option for homeschooling families, as students can take piano lessons as part of their school day without disrupting the teaching day for the rest of the family. 

My teaching route covers the greater Gainesville and Ocala areas.  I charge a travel fee to cover my time and expenses to come to your home. While piano tuition is per student, the travel fee, which depends on your location, is per home no matter how many lessons I teach there. 

Tuition is $90 per month per student, plus the travel fee (for a total of $125/month in Gainesville, or $135/month in Ocala).  Travel in the Gainesville area is $35/month, and travel to the Ocala area is $45/month.  Other areas will be in that range. 

Tuition can be paid through my store.  Please add $5.00 to cover the transaction fee we are charged for this option.  Cash or check is our preferred method of payment.  Tuition is due at the first lesson of each month.

Summer is a great time to get on my teaching schedule! 

I DO NOT HOLD LESSON TIMES FOR STUDENTS WHO TAKE A SUMMER BREAK (as much as I wish I could).  Teaching is my full-time job.  So if you're interested in finding a spot in my teaching schedule, summer may be your best opportunity.  Contact me now to get on my waiting list, and I'll fit you in as soon as I have an opening in your area. 

Students who take a break essentially move to my waiting list for the fall, and I permanently fill their vacated spots.  Some students who want a summer break choose to continue to pay the tuition to hold their spots, even though they won't have lessons for a few weeks.   Others take the chance that they will be replaced over the summer. 

I maintain a very full schedule, and I anticipate filling summer vacancies quickly.  I work diligently to adjust my teaching schedule for the fall to accommodate my students' activities, understanding that in the summer you may not know exactly when you'll be available during the school year.