Come, Thou Fount - Hymnal style SATB arrangement
  • Come, Thou Fount - Hymnal style SATB arrangement
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I'm on a mission to bring the great old hymns back, with beautiful parts being sung, demonstrating our harmony in Christ, and how each one does our "part" :-) So please print as many of these FREE, hymnal style sheets as you'd like! It also includes some key verses that the song is built on, and a brief explanation of what "Ebenezer" means (no, it has nothing to do with Scrooge). I love some of the additional verses floating around (my fave is here:, and I left room for you to hand-write your favorite in, if you'd like. These parts fit perfectly with almost all hymnals (I just put them in a little lower key) and they're perfectly accompanied by my intermediate piano version that you can buy in my music store. Hoping to have free YouTube videos soon, teaching how to sing these parts, so keep checking in :-)

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